Structured Cabling

Putting the backbone into your business

Fibrenex has been installing structured cabling solutions for 20 years and has laid thousands of metres of CAT5/CAT5e and CAT6 for many different types of application, whether for telephony/LAN, CCTV applications or access control systems.

The purpose of data cabling, commonly called ‘structured cabling’, is to lay down a secure foundation for your communications and enhance the performance of your LAN (Local Area Network).

Copper cabling is always evolving to keep up with new processor speeds, software applications and protocols. CAT5 (10/100Mbps) is now obsolete. Over the years we have seen the change from CAT5 to CAT5e and then to CAT6.

CAT5e used to be the installation of choice as it could send gigabits over the network, but recently around 80% of new installations are in CAT6 as this allows for the maximum life span and return on investment. Also, due to how CAT6 is manufactured, it allows for fewer repeat transmissions and less network down time.

New developments in cabling now allow for CAT6a and even CAT7 cables. Currently CAT6a and CAT7 are not too common, but in time these cabling systems will be the preferred choice of many installations.

One important note when installing a cabling solution is that with CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a and CAT7, the maximum length of a cable run is 95 metres. If your installations are in excess of this you can run fibre optic cables and Multicore for both voice and data with multiple cabinets.

We install the following types of cabling:

Cat5e/Cat6/UTP/STP/FTP/LSZH Cabling systems
CAT6a/STP/LSZH Cabling systems capable of up to 10Gig
Fibre optic multimode/Singlemode Cabling to any specification
Multicore cabling Electrical cabling solutions

No matter what your requirements are, Fibrenex can deliver the right solution.

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