Fibre Optic

Cambridge based Fibrenex is a full service provider for fibre optic cabling, from installation to maintenance and everything in between. We have highly skilled and experienced technicians capable of tackling even the most complex fibre projects. whether its a Link between localized data cabs, a cross campus link from building to building or even installing fibre for CCTV cameras around a Science Park, We have experience in all these areas and more.

We will even arrange the duct work if required.

Why use fibre optics?

The use of fibre optic cabling in communications has become more widespread as technology continues to advance. Fibre optic cabling is more reliable and durable than other types of cabling systems, and can provide a higher bandwidth and more secure medium for optimal performance in all areas of communications. Signals can be carried over greater distances, allowing for a higher quality transmission. Fibre optic cables can also be installed near power cables without worry of interference.

What we offer

Fibrenex can offer any specification of fibre optic cabling:

OS1 – OS2 Single-mode
OM1 – OM2 – OM3 – OM4 Multi-mode

Tight buffered and loose tube
Rodent resistant and steel wire armoured cables for harsh environments
Internal, external and universal sheath options

Termination types include ST, SC, MT-RJ, LC, LSH (E2000)

To discuss your requirements please contact us at We will be happy to offer advice, and if required arrange a site survey.