Network Cabling

Putting the backbone into your business

Technology continues to change your company on a weekly basis. A solid communication infrastructure is the backbone of any business, and when built to its potential with correctly installed Network cabling and fibre optic links between sites will positively impact the bottom line, morale and productivity.

To stay competitive companies need to partner with the technology and business expertise of a company such as Fibrenex communications to design, build, manage and improve their voice and data network, Making sure that their Network cabling infrastructure is installed to exacting standards. Future proofing the system to ensure that it will carry their business for many years to come.

Fibrenex Communications is your single-source communications solution provider, serving small, growing and large enterprises with all their infrastructure needs. We deliver complete infrastructure solutions to Businesses, schools, universities, science parks, residential users and many more unique sites where a complete network solution is needed.

some of the services we cover but are not limited to are:  network cabling, fibre optic back bones and links, access control, CCTV and WI-FI.

as a company we provide structured cabling solutions, CCTV installations and access control systems with emphasis on high-quality workmanship and products. Our aim is to provide your Business, school, university or science park with the backbone it needs to thrive.

At the same time we will provide you with the tools to meet modern-day communication demands, now and in the future, with up-and-coming technology services.

we make sure that all our engineers are kept up to date with all the latest technologies and products available, This ensues we stay ahead of the curve and can deliver the correct solutions to each of customers, old and new